Saturday, October 30, 2010

Favorite Things

 A few years ago we decided to give Henry a wooden farm set for Christmas. However, I wanted to make something truly special to go along with it so I designed a play quilt that looked like what you see when you are flying over a farm and see the beautiful patchwork of different fields. Henry's quilt has "wheat" fields, "corn" fields, a "strawberry" patch, a "muddy" pig sty, a "meadow of daisy's" as well as a "pond". The brown paths are for the farmer to drive his tractor on around the farm. This has been one of Henry's all time favorite toys and the quilt is also very special to him and he sleeps with it often. Mostly because it's super cosy because I backed the entire quilt with green fleece (Henry's favorite color) but also because mama made it for him.

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