Monday, November 1, 2010

10 Little Fairies



"Sweet Pea"








Abby and I started on a very special project yesterday, creating our own collection of "Flower Fairies". In Waldorf education the first grade year is filled with stories about fairies, gnomes, and elves and the magical world in which they all live. So, I thought it would be great fun for Abby and I to make some of our own fairies for their creative play. We made one fairy in each color and decided to go with a "flower/plant" theme. I had almost everything here in my craft supplies to create them but I did have to get a few things here and there to complete them. They are all made from simple wood pieces, pipe cleaners, some paint, yarn, felt and bits and pieces from old silk flowers and a lot of love! Abby was mesmerized as she watched each and every one of our little fairies come to life and she helped with a lot of the construction, but I did the "tricky stuff"! As we worked on each one she created a personality for them and started playing even while they were being created. She gave me instructions about hairstyle as well as clothing and hair accessories. This project took us the better part of yesterday as well as a few hours this morning. But as you can see the results were worth every second! Not to mention Abby and I had so much fun making these little girls together. These little fairies have already become treasures to her and she is already asking for additional fairies to add to the collection....but first I promised Henry that we would make him his own set of gnomes. However, that's another day!

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  1. Can you please tell me how you made these?