Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Norse Mythology - 4th Grade

The boys and I are currently working on their Norse Mythology/Viking unit study. We have been reading from D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths and we are all just loving it. Not only are the boys completely fascinated by these exciting stories I am really enjoying it as well. Yesterday, I even caught Abby listening in and later in the day she started asking questions about Thor and his magic hammer and why Billy goats pulled his chariot? Even though Abby is loving her first grade studies she is also wanting to participate in the boys lessons. I have been doing lots of research for interesting resources and found this and this in hopes that we can use some of the things we find there. We have started working on our Main Lesson books and Oliver and Elliott are having a great time illustrating. I am also doing my own MLB for each of our unit studies so that I can use them later with both Abby and Henry. Plus, I love the quality time we are all spending together while we are learning. Once we get further into this unit I hope to come up with some clever activities to do with the kids to inspire them that much more.

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