Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Santa Claus & Thor

This is afternoon the boys and I were working more on our Norse Mythology and working in our MLB's. Today's subject... Thor, the Thunder God! These stories are so wonderful and the boys are just eating it up, anyway we were all drawing our version of Thor in our books and at one point Oliver looked over at my drawing and said..."Mom, I hate to tell you, but your Thor looks more like a really angry Santa Claus than Thor." I looked at my drawing and you know what...he was right! Needless to say we had a really great laugh about this and then the boys were saying that instead of Thor's goats I could draw reindeer and so on...I thought to myself "Well, if my drawing and our laugh about it helps them remember then I guess it's a good thing.

After our lesson was over I was chatting with Tiffeni and telling her about our laugh and she was really impressed with Oliver and then began to share with me some information that I never knew. That the story of Santa Claus actually has deep roots in Norse Mythology...Who knew? Here is a great link that tells more about that. Of course, I won't share this info with them quite yet. With little ones in the house we are very protective of keeping the magic alive...but some day I will pull out my MLB and revisit today and our giggle and let them know that without even knowing they couldn't have been more correct!

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