Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's Beeswax

It's Tuesday morning which means beeswax at our house. The kids and I were anxious to open a new package of beeswax and start creating. This morning Abby and Henry decided it would be the perfect day to create snowmen due to the fact that it's soooo cold outside! No, we don't have any snow but it's certainly is cold enough for it. I opted to try my hand at trying to create a little gnome at Henry's request. He is currently obsessed with gnomes. I cannot tell you what a fun and relaxing activity this is. Warming the beeswax in your hands to make it soft enough to work with and then creating with it much like you would with clay but this is so much nicer. 

Oh, this would make the best stocking stuffer! In fact I am going to order some more for that exact reason.


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